I was in a session with a client and my belly started to rumble.

“Excuse me, can we take a bathroom break?” I said.

I hit mute and turned off my video. I thought I was better once I was back on the call, but a wave of nausea then slithered through me.

“I think we need to end the session for today.” I said, and thankfully my client was totally understanding.

I then lay on the couch in my living room and listened to my tummy croak, hiss, and bang around – like toddlers playing with wooden toys.

A voice (that was my own, and not my own) chimed in.

You need to go outside, take your shoes off and lay on the earth.


I am getting better at listening to this voice with no questions asked. I have never been good at following directions, so this has been a discipline for me.

I grabbed a blanket and descended down the front stairs. I have a magical little garden that is hidden behind the front hedges. You can’t see it from the road or the driveway, but I know it is there.

I ducked under the green bushes and made a nest in the grass. Then a baby snail visited me. A yellow butterfly flew by (which was my Mom’s spirit) and a hummingbird buzzed in and out of the frame.

I then heard the voice again.

Slow down. Rest. Let your body do what it needs to do.


I rested for about thirty minutes then I felt it was time to go inside again. I was still achy but knew I needed to change the scene.

Once inside, I decided to look at my belly in the mirror. I lifted my shirt and positioned myself sideways so I could see an exaggerated 3D version of how I was hurting.  My gut hung down like a big, third boob.

What this tummy needs… is love.


I reached for a bottle of healing oils and emptied a few drops into my right hand. As I lay on the floor in my healing room, I gently rubbed the oil over my solar plexus with slow, sweeping motions clockwise. No one has ever taught me to do this. I just followed my sixth sense. I pressed my fingers into my stomach, gently caressing the edges of my rib cage. I circled my belly button and noticed the different sensations. Some places felt very tender, other places would soften easily as my fingers massaged. My organs were happy.

I love you, Tahra. This is what you need, some touch. Some love. You have been hard on yourself lately.

Okay. Yes, that’s true.

I don’t know how many minutes passed, but my intuition said it was time.

All done. You can get up now.

I have never done this series of events before. Not even close. If I have a stomach ache, I normally go to the natural medicine closet. I swig some bentonite clay or wash down water with herbs and carry on with my day.

You would think that, as a Medium, I would be more apt to listen to Spirit, and I do, but sometimes when it matters most, I can get in my own way and stubbornly try to resist “what is arising” if it doesn’t fit my plan.

Sometimes we reach for things unconsciously. We think we want something but it’s not actually what the present moment is calling. We may have an auto-response to a situation and we don’t slow down long enough to hear the call of the wind. In other words, when we look for a quick fix to distract ourselves from feeling our feelings we can miss the subtle, celestial guidance that’s available to us at every moment.

Nothing is wrong with wanting anything in particular, but the question is, are you attuned to yourself enough to know what wants to come forth for your highest and best…right now, and right now, and right now? It might look different than last time.


When difficult feelings come up (like body pain, or emotional pain — two sides of the same coin!) stay with the feelings and clear space.

Open yourself to what is being spoken in between the hard parts.

Accept, honor, and love the discomfort by giving it room to breathe…

D          I         S          C          O          M          F         O         R         T

It hurts because you are stretching yourself.  The densities will break up if you allow in what wants to flow. Air out the stagnancy. The stuckness. The mind of yesterday.

If you do this, you might then find yourself outside, under a tree, in the ocean…or on the floor massaging yourself with oils.

Your mind might try to tell you that you are silly, stupid, or wrong. (The mind might say, There is no time for this! Snap back at the mind. Oh yeah, who said!?)

The mind does not know, the mind blocks the flow. The body holds the wisdom of a million rivers and a thousand suns. Your body is the earth, your body is your connection to spirit.

We are in a very important time in history where we are finally turning in and tuning in…to a frequency that has always existed within. I also have the sense that this is just the beginning of the beginning, so we must be patient with ourselves. Like puppies who are born deaf and blind, it is going to take some time for us to figure out how to thrive. But one thing is for sure…with self care…we can and will.

I love you,




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  • Sunita Kumar Nair

    Utterly beautiful.

  • Alexis

    Beautifully written and very deeply wise! Thank you for sharing your experience with us and empowering others to listen to themselves

  • Lori Losch

    This is a gorgeous, luscious truth-bomb! Thank you. xo