The election has everyone on edge and the collective unease only adds to the already boiling over challenges we each face in our daily, personal lives.  Some of us have layers of worry including familiar themes that get our minds racing and hearts pounding.

“People always forget about me” a client said to me.  At about this time of year he begins to experience familiar thoughts that he will be left off the party list or that he might be the only one who doesn’t get a drink when the host passes out the cocktails (if he does end up getting invited to a party).  And you know what?  He is right.  This kind of thing happens to him all the time.  Another client tells me “my friend always criticizes me” but what’s more curious is that this assumption applies across the board to all of her relations. She says repeatedly, “she (insert friend’s name here) is always telling me what I do wrong.”  Belief patterns like this are very common; I had a friend recently complain that “working with others is hard because no one is as fast and competent” as she is.  She’s consistently frustrated by other’s carelessness.  As soon as she said this a warning bell sounded in my head. I recognized she was voicing a belief of hers and I explained to her that she should be careful about using her thoughts and words to anchor (and reinforce! Uh oh…) the reality she is perceiving.



If you were talking to anyone of these people, as a friend, you would probably sympathize with their complaint; in other words acknowledge and affirm their reality and you may also tell them that they have to accept others’ limitations so they do not get too upset by this situation.  You would suggest they just focus on their reaction in order to deal with the reality that people will disappoint them.  Sure, those are good ways to show up as a friend, but what if I told you there is another piece of advice you may want to bear in mind when these disappointments arise.

There is a famous quote by Mahatma Ghandi that says,

Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny

If you knew that your thoughts would be made manifest externally, like some kind of Twilight Zone mind-power, you’d be careful about your mental curation.



If you want to see where someone is going to be in 10 years ask them what they think today about themselves and the world around them. You don’t have to be spiritual to get this, right? It almost seems like common sense.  Okay so why don’t we get out of our own way and just be positive and think big?  Well it’s hard! I get it. That’s like me asking you to believe that every day for one year I’m going to fly from California to New York just to bring you an ice cream cone. At first you’d think there was no way I would do that. No way. It’s too crazy and outlandish. Nobody would do that.  However, if I did it once you’d say ‘okay now I see it’s possible’ and by day four you’d start to expect it. By day five you’d be tapping your foot waiting for me to walk in fresh off a plane with your mint chip cone. It’s almost like the first marker of doubt and resistance is the hardest to overcome, especially when you’re entertaining something that seems really out of the realm of possibility for you. That’s why you have to start small. The Universe will quickly show you how easy it is for you to shift your thoughts and have new beliefs once you pass this initial hurdle.




DAY 1. Wake up tomorrow and set the timer for 3 mins.  Get up and start doing your morning routine but as you do it say THANK YOU to everything in your bedroom that you can see. “Thank you bed, thank you dresser, thank you clothes, thank you floor, thank you legs, thank you air that I breathe, thank you” …you get the idea.

DAY 2. Repeat what you did day one but extend it to everything you see when you leave the bedroom and apartment for at least another 3 mins. So… “thank you coffee machine, thank you toilet, thank you shower, thank you child or husband/wife, thank you garbage can, thank you water glass, thank you sky, thank you sun…”

DAY 3. Repeat the above and at the end of the 6 mins make a wish. For example, I would say “I want my boss to come into the office after me today so she will not know I am late since I want the extra time to take the scenic route to work.”  Or “I want my kids to fall asleep early tonight so I have time to be with my husband.”

Avoid wishes that are negative like “I don’t want to have stress today”, or “I don’t want to be tired at work.”  Make your desires POSITIVE.  Come up with an actual thing or scenario you would want for the day, as opposed to a pipe dream wish like wanting a Ferrari to chauffeur you to work, because if you believe it’s actually possible it is 100X more likely to happen than something you don’t believe is possible. Your belief is everything.  Your thoughts only take form if you BELIEVE they can.  Hoping a million dollars will land in your lap, out of nowhere, is only likely to happen if you already buy into this concept.  Best to start small so you can build up your beliefs around this concept.  The Universe will conspire to help your thoughts take form.

*Repeat Day 3 as desired!


Okay so what’s the catch?  The catch is that everything you think takes form… your thoughts become your words and your words ultimately become your destiny and that includes the negative stuff!  When we have a thought with some powerful feelings behind it, like “everyone leaves me out” or “no one is as productive as I am” then that thought begins to form the environment around us.  People start to show up for you in ways to reiterate your deeply held beliefs.  Wait, what am I saying?  Am I saying there is no such thing as reality and my beliefs form the reality that I witness but what I experience is not necessarily true?  Yes and no.  I am saying there is a reality but we also imprint our thoughts into the reality.  Take this analogy from one of my favorite teachers, Michael Stone.  He says our perception of reality is similar to what happens when you take a picture with an old fashioned, flash camera.  When you use an old camera on the prints you see some people have ‘red eye’.  The ‘red eye’ is the reflection of the flash of the camera in the eyes.  In other words, the camera is taking a picture of itself.   The camera can’t see the image without imposing itself onto the image.  We do the same thing.  Our thoughts and beliefs similarly imprint the reality that we are experiencing.  The world reflects back to us what we project onto it.  If I want my boss to be late for work and I believe that’s possible it’s the same as saying I think everyone leaves me out and believing it.



So next time your friend tells you about their life, or next time you get stuck in the same old rut of negative thoughts, remember to be aware that negative thoughts expressed as beliefs aren’t necessarily set in stone.  Stop yourself mid thought and mentally switch lanes.  Choose to believe there is a possibility of something different.  A positive thought can be used to form a different reality.  For optimal effectiveness couple the new thoughts with gratitude for the current moment (like thank you for my legs, thank you for the air I breathe). APPRECIATION for the current reality with AWARENESS of your thoughts will bring you into THIS MOMENT which is the consciousness of creation.  The present moment is where all matter starts to take form.  It’s your choice if you want to create something desirable for your life or if you want to create something that looks a lot like the same old story.

You are the creator and your tool is thought.  I mean WOW, if this is true how simple is that!? The possibilities are endless.

So take this as your daily thought challenge.  While so much of our lives may seem out of our control, I welcome you to embrace the idea that you have more command than you may think.  I would love to hear how it goes!


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