The Five-Minute Journal. My New Obsession.


Summer is a blur.  What happened?  Where did all the time go?  Don’t fret, my friend. Think of every season, and even every day as an opportunity to begin again.  We have the chance to renew, set new goals, break old patterns and start a new act.  Autumn is a perfect time for a plot twist, even though we are long out of school it still feels like a new year; like the first days back sophomore year, consider this a time to start to feel hopeful again, and a time to meet new characters. You never know how someone just around the corner will breathe new life into your story.  We also need tools to help us stay out of the same old, same old… that’s why this journal is so genius!

I recently discovered this brilliant little book and want to share it’s magic with you!  It’s simple… every day will receive a quote, and be offered a moment to set an intention, be grateful, love yourself and reflect.  The best part of all is that your participation only takes five minutes (plenty of time left over for Facebook + Instagram!).  This journal will keep you more aligned with what’s important to you.  If you are anything like me (and the rest of humanity) it will be hard to live up to all your personal expectations but before we know it, it will be winter again and the hope is that this book will leave no wonder as to where the days went, or why the wishes keep getting left at the bottom of the well.  Please join me in dreaming big, taking notes and setting aside five minutes to be kind to ourselves.

Click HERE for a place to buy this treasure.


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  • Jenise

    I love your words of inspiration. You always look at the sunny side of life and it reminds me to look there more often as well. xx