Do you believe in miracles? Maybe yes, maybe no?  Well, I am here to help.

Let me tell you a story.

Even after extensive medical training and countless happy patients, my friend (who is a surgeon) screwed up.  Monica, let’s call her for anonymity, recently performed cosmetic surgery and accidentally severed a nerve in a patient’s face.  This was tragic and horrible, my friend was riddled with confusion and regret.

Monica and I met for a healthy brunch to catch up. Stressed, she explained over our probiotic, kimchi, rice bowls that she was convinced (based on her many years of medical school training and clinical practice) that she had permanently damaged her patient’s face.

“I haven’t told my patient yet, but her face will not move again.” Monica confessed.

Monica is one of the best trained plastic surgeons in the in country, she went to an ivy league Medical College and has a fellowship in microsurgery. In other words, she knows her stuff and this kind of thing is not supposed to happen to people like her.   Even so, I looked at her square in the face and said with (another kind of) authority, “Do not tell your patient what you think. It’s not True. Miracles happen all the time.”

“I think I needed to hear that. Okay.” she replied sounding relieved and hopeful.

Monica had lost faith. Prior to the mishap at work, she started fertility treatments as a safety net in case she couldn’t get pregnant. Her fears had been dictating her decisions and when we met I could sense that she was in desperate need of a course correction. Her eyes brightened when I explained to her that I don’t buy into the in the rigid interpretation of what many call the ‘biological clock’. “I choose not to let the popular fear-based thinking around fertility dictate my understanding of what’s possible. If I’m meant to have a baby, I will, and I am not going to live like I am in a time crunch.” I shared with her my understanding of how the Universe works. The way I see it, nothing is limited entirely by the rules of science, especially since science is ever changing, evolving, and continually breaking its own rules. Most notably, with the discovery of Quantum Physics, we know that a lot of what was understood previously is now being reconsidered.  I am not saying Quantum Physics can explain all the unexplainable in an open and shut case, however it does open the door to other possibilities.  Many people may find my outlook hard to swallow, and I am not suggesting to anyone that they just believe what I am saying.  We are meant to honor the human experience and take the reality of our embodiment and it’s limitations seriously.  And, I sit here and can also tell you from my experience that once you open the window to the idea that there is more beyond what you think should happen, more will be revealed.  Much like the way a dolphin is seen after you blur your eyes while looking at a Stereogram image. Do you remember those? Stereograms teach us that a different layer of reality is discovered once there is a willingness to look for more.

You will see when you are ready to believe.

A week later my surgeon friend texted me to say this exactly:
“Oh my word– Tahra. Remember when I told you about that patient whose nerve I thought I totally destroyed- that she would never move her eyebrow again? And you said, yes, she will because her nerve is fine? SHE IS MOVING HER EYEBROW. This is f’ing amazing. It’s a miracle. Flat out.
And I even made a bet with myself- that if she moved her eyebrow, there would be no denying the miracle. And every time I doubted, I remembered what you said. Incredible. Her muscle and nerve was *shredded* and now it works.”

Image of the book BE HERE NOW, by Ram Das.

Now, you tell me, do you want to believe that things are possible beyond what you are aware of right now, or do you need the evidence to show you they are and then you will believe?  Perhaps ask yourself if you are willing to be open to the unknown, since I wonder if without this leap maybe you will miss what’s right there in front of you.  Like a stereogram, once you allow the possibility that there is something more to look for, you penetrate into the deeper dimensions of the hidden content, and subsequently often discover a deeper meaning to the experience.

It’s the willingness to be open to the unknown that creates a space for a richer outcome.

For the more immovable among us I suggest you read, watch and look at the following and, while doing this, switch from “near point” to “far point” vision to allow the hidden content to come into view:

1. Watch John of God, a medium and healer in Brazil. He’s performing surgery without sterilized instruments, without anesthesia and his patients don’t bleed. See a video HERE.

2. Read the book Radical Remission and hear the countless stories of survivors beating the odds.

3. Read Anita Moojis story of her near death experience and hear how her many tumors reduced drastically virtually overnight in her memoir Dying To Be Me.

4. Hear best selling Author Gregg Braden speak HERE of his own healing where he visualized his cancerous tumor reduce in size and then his scans showed up totally clear.

5. Watch HERE this average women somehow gain the strength to lift a car because her Dad was trapped under it.

6. Look at these stone structures in Cusco, Peru HERE, which conventional archeology has no way of explaining, and allow yourself to open up to the possibility that there are laws at work that you may not be familiar with.

Oh yeah, and what about Monica? My surgeon friend recently said that I changed her life forever that day. And I believe her because that is what it feels like when someone welcomes you to a space uninhabited by your unwavering conditioned thought.  She now sees that there is more to see than her previously limited expectations.  Monica told me that she no longer feels she needs to worry because she knows that if she just trusts, accidents or mishaps will pan out just the way they are destined to.


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