The Universe or God(dess) is communicating with us all the time.

Do you notice signs like 11:11 on the clock? Okay, good, but what else? Synchonicities.  Do you think of someone and they call?  Do you have new friends who are connected to your old ones, weirdly?  Great.  But, what else?  Those signs are hitting you over the head, but are you watching how everything is unfolding. Do you see the subtle messages?  Do you know it’s possible to play life like a video game?  Stay with me…

I was recently violently ill. Violently. “Thought I was dying” kind of sickness. It was either food poisoning, or my spleen was rupturing, I reasoned.  Something like that… but either way I still thought I was going to go on the ski trip I planned with friends in Montana.  Even as a surprise to me, I had this feeling the night before I left that I didn’t “want” to go anymore (information which I ignored). Then I realized I forgot to book my cat sitter and while Karen is always available, this one time she was not free to watch Stella. Weird, I thought (as a little voice whispered, that’s a sign.)

At 3 am in the early morning before my flight I woke up with excruciating abdominal pain and nausea, followed by chills.  “Ugh. Should I cancel my flight?” I questioned. I felt so sick. On the way to the airport I realized I forgot my phone charger (a little voice whispered again, that’s a sign.) Despite these whispers, I thought to myself, I need a literal YES if I am meant to cancel this trip.  I looked to the side of the road for my sign… Enterprise Rental Car, Starbucks, Wok Wok Rice Bowls, but no yes appeared.  Then a stroke of insight;  the pain in my body was the clearest sign there could be!  At that moment I moaned to the driver, “Sorry, Hi. Can you turn around and bring me back home?”

Life is like a video game and every time something goes right, or “our way” we get to move to the next level and every time we encounter a monster or green slime (or a green slime monster) we are meant to take a pause and find a different route.  We will never move to the next level if we keep encountering road blocks, get frustrated and forget to look for the lesson.  Next time you encounter the green monster react differently!  Do not do what you would normally do.  These mishaps are opportunities for us to be taught all along the way.  Life is actually that simple.

My friend recently told me me that the same thing happened to her, she had food poisoning and she went to her friend’s wedding anyway. What happened? Her credit card was declined at the rental car place when she arrived after a torturous flight to Burlington.  She now laughs at the calamity of errors.  What many of us miss though is that these series of misfortunes are connected. They are road blocks set in place to give us important clues about ourselves.


Behind every slimy monster there is a message.  As Matt Kahn (one of my favorite teachers) explains, we reincarnate because we forget to watch the movie, fast forward too much and are often like “Shit, I am at the credits again!” That’s why we keep coming back.  If we pay close attention to the movie we will see lessons waiting for us.  One main lesson that pops up time and time again is that we neglect to give ourselves love.

If you encounter a lot of difficulty in your life, take a deep breath right as something falls apart and ask yourself in that moment, “Do I need to do this? Who am I doing this for? Is this in my highest and best?” Take note of how often your choices are for you, vs. others.

Everything we do should be with the good of ourselves in mind.   As basic as this concept may sound, many people don’t fully commit to live by the truth that if something feels bad then we shouldn’t be doing it.

The subtle and often not so subtle cues along the way are trying to urge you to recognize that a setback is asking you to step back.



Credit card not working.   —–>>> Do not buy the item. Your reason for buying may be fear based (like insecurity, guilt or obligation).

Page on a website not loading. —–>>> Stop using this site or review what you just wrote (is that really what you want to say/send. Are you expressing love?).

You are sick with fever, flu, cough, cold.  ——>>> Get in bed. Yes, even you need rest. Do not get out of bed until you are well.

Car breaks down.  ——>>> Do not drive where you where planning to go. Maybe you need to tend to the home more?

Things breaking in the home i.e. leaks, or electronics malfunctioning. —–>>>

Take more time for yourself.  Do you have a daily ritual or practice?  And if you live with others this might mean you need to communicate more with your loved ones. Share your needs and feelings with them. Are you sharing openly and honestly with the ones you live with?


Take my friend Catherine as an example of how quickly a life can turn around when we watch the signs.  Catherine had been having the same conversation with me for months.  Her boyfriend was still connected with his ex wife and while she was trying to be understanding about their connection something didn’t feel right.  And that was just the beginning… She was also a well paid actress in her home country and moved to LA to continue to act but she was not getting any roles and couldn’t find a good agent.  She had been in LA for almost 4 years, she used to land lead roles but upon arrival she was only being offered the odd commercial. Her bills were mounting and then the dentist informed her that she had to have a couple teeth pulled.  On top of that, her annoying neighbor kept telling her that she should just drive for Uber, which made her want to fall into a puddle of tears.  She really wanted to sing, make music and be with the dolphins.  I performed a healing on her a few months ago and it was then that she started to question it all.  She knew something needed to change and on a certain level she heard me say to her “The Universe is giving you signs, when you are in the flow, things work out, right now everything is telling you that you are not in the right place.  So you need to HIT PAUSE!” I urged.  Eventually, when things became unbearable, she retreated to Hawaii for some clarity.

In Catherine’s case she pressed pause and leapt immediately to a new level. She stepped off the plane in Hawaii and within an hour met her soulmate.  She cancelled her return trip to LA. Her entire life changed with that PAUSE.  Catherine is now totally in a flow; she is singing, playing with dolphins, happy and protected by a man who is 100% on the same page as her.


Could you stop, hit pause and figure out another route to move forward?

If everything seems to be going wrong it’s time to take a vacation, alone.

Set An Intention

Every morning wake up and say THANK YOU FOR SHOWING HOW I CAN TAKE A PERSONAL LIFE VACATION.  Then close each night with the same sentence.  Feel the gratitude of this truth as you hold your heart. Do this until you know how to make a vacation happen.

Ask For Help

You are allowed to ask for help too. See if someone can babysit your kids (should you have them).  See if you can stay at a friends unused house in the woods or the desert.  Asking doesn’t mean people will say yes but the process alone of asking others for assistance is a good way for you to show yourself that you are worthy. The asking alone is an act of self love!

Go alone!

Stay free on someone’s couch, somewhere, anywhere, even for a weekend:

Couch Surfing

Go on a retreat at one of these great healing centers:





Do I know why I had to miss my ski trip?  I have a sneaking feeling I know and I trust the reasons will unfold with undeniable clarity as I move through time and space.  The flow can take us on an unforeseen path but ultimately it is faith in every twist and turn that makes the ride so much more fun.  In other words, I bow with deep gratitude even to the slimy green monster.

See you at the next level. <3

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    This is so great I love it. And I loved how I was hearing all about this along the way and hear how it is so eloquently put together.

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      I raise your 3 hearts by 2 hearts! 5 hearts blasted your way!!!

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    Thanks for this Tahra. ❤️❤️❤️

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      So glad you liked it! Sending you hugs and love, Tahra

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    Love this and you! Spot on!

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    AHHH!!! I needed to hear this RIGHT NOW. An hour ago I was screaming at my broken refrigerator, asking when I’m going to catch a break. I’ve been in a fight with the universe for months and I know I’m in the wrong place.


    I pushed it. Thank you, Tahra ❤️

  • Andrew DeSear

    welcome wisdom from a wild woman! ❤

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    “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
    Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it.”

    ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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    I love this. Heard something similar from Thomas Moore when he spoke at a mindfulness conference recently. Thx