How To Be In The Love Frequency

Before anything else, you need to first recognize that this life is about you.  Your life isn’t about anyone else.  Ultimately, it isn’t about your parents, your spouse or your children. This is about you and your experience of the magical, mind-blowing journey that is life. You are the focal point for everything that is happening in you and around you. Your life is about your Soul and the work you have done long before you got here.  It’s time to soften into a space where you let love lead you.

I invite you to take time to get quiet and to start considering what it would mean to be in touch with something that expands beyond your limited understanding of self.  I invite you to be your own best caretaker from this day forth.  I invite you to be your own best lover.  I invite you to be the primary detective in the film that is your life.  This here, now is when you will start to question everything, and together we will watch the magic unfold…


Love Your Body.

Eat Real Foods.

Detoxify Your Environment.

Meditate Everyday.

Face Your Fears.

Teach Your Mind.

Let Your Heart Teach You.

Here you will find an outline of my philosophy.  I have gathered this information from many of my teachers. Some of my teachers have been of this world and some are from beyond.  While nothing I am saying here is an original thought, I have yet to find anyone who has consolidated this information into one place the way I have here. Please know that this is not a mandated prescription and these recommendations should never bypass your own inner compass.  My words are just tree markers that show you one way.

“Truth is a pathless land.” – J. Krishnamurti

I offer this road map as a way to ‘fill up’ your heart with love so you can be in the love frequency, radiate love and experience a merging with Divine love.  To illustrate my philosophy I chose the image of a heart because the heart is where human life begins and unlike many of our other organs, we literally can’t survive without our hearts. According to The Heartmath Solution, by Doc Childe and Howard Martin, “The heart starts beating in the unborn fetus before the brain has been formed.  Scientists still don’t know exactly what triggers the beating, but they use the word ‘autorhythmic’ to indicate that the heartbeat is self-initiated from within the heart.” Many ancient cultures maintain that the heart is the primary organ responsible for influencing emotions, perhaps even more so than the brain.  The Heartmath Solution also notes, “In Yogic practice the physical heart is considered both literally and figuratively the guide or internal “guru,” and to this end, many yogic practices cultivate an awareness to one’s own heartbeat.  In traditional Chinese medicine the heart is seen as the seat of connection between the mind and the body, forming a bridge between the two. It is said that the heart-blood houses the shen which is translated as both “mind” and “spirit”.  The Chinese characters for ‘thinking,’ ‘thought,’ ‘intent,’ ‘listen,’ ‘virtue,’ and ‘love,’ all include the character for the heart. In the Japanese language there are two distinct words to describe the heart: shinzude notes the physical organ, while kokoro refers to the ‘mind of the heart’.”

  • 1.
    Love Your Body.

    I believe that we are given our bodies as gifts, and it is our job to take care of them.  I think it is easier to feel connected and give love when we can truly love and respect ourselves, wrinkles, warts and all.

    One way to honor your body is simply by breathing deeply.  Breathwork is a really powerful way to reconnect with the body and it’s something you can do at home, starting right now.  The lungs are said to be the wings of the heart and when worked (or flapped) you can soar to unimaginable heights.  Trust me… just try breathing deeply for an extending length of time. For guidance on how to deepen this practice I suggest working with a coach.


    Rob Starbuck – Private + Group Sessions

    Maha Rose Brooklyn – Breathwork classes

    We also need to work our muscles and sweat regularly to optimize the gifts of the body.  Find a way to move your body with intention every single day.  This can be 5 minutes of yoga in your home every morning, or it can be a long walk in the evenings after dinner. It’s also important that you sweat out toxins at least 3 times week from a high intensity movement, which could even be dance!

    Those who move with intention and intensity know that in addition to the healthful benefits, it also provides an authentic opportunity to send ourselves messages of love.  When we take time to be active we tend to naturally feel inclined to encourage ourselves.  Ever since I stepped up my workout regime I give myself the occasional side glance in the mirror to say something like looking good!  I also reward myself with loving thoughts for actually getting out of bed early to do something that I know benefits me and only me.  Many of us have such a deep loathing of our bodies that we actually push away and ignore them as if they were disobedient children.  It is time to face your body in the mirror and say, I am here for you and I promise to move you in the ways you need.



    This one study  shows how exercise improves body image for fit and unfit alike.  Ask any good Yogi, who is practicing poses (thought to be at least 2000 years old), about the benefits of dedicating time to work the body, and they will tell you that connecting the mind and body helps to direct attention inward.  As many know, there are countless health benefits to physical exercise but I think, perhaps most importantly, it helps shake hateful programs so we can move into a space where we genuinely love ourselves.  Take time to regain ownership and care for your vessel.






    Recommended At Home Work-Outs 
    Fitness Blender

    My Personal Favorite Work-Outs

    Modo Yoga

    5 Rythms Dance

    Embrace today as the day you commit (or re-commit) to your health and wellness by exercising your body in ways that you know it is craving.  Ultimately a path to spirituality starts by honoring what we have right in front of us. Everything is connected… we didn’t land here on this earth with muscles and natural highs through movement and breathing by accident!  I also recommend you find a workout partner to keep you both on track and motivated.  Get up, and get going!

  • 2.
    Eat Real Foods.


    It’s important that you pay attention to what you put in your mouth if you want to live life in a high vibration.  There is intelligence in the DNA of real food and I believe, from my spiritual perspective, it is clear we are meant to be in a symbiotic relationship with what naturally sprouts from our beautiful earth.  We have an intuitive sense of what is best for our body. Holistic Psychiatrist Dr. Kelly Brogan explains here that we know what to eat.  It’s pretty simple: by eating foods that are not good for us, not only do we typically get an immediate belly ache, but we also gain weight or worse, fall very ill with disease.  Our bodies are trying to communicate with us.  We also need to feed the millions (2-4 pounds) of bacteria that live in our gut for proper immunity to survive.  New research is only beginning to help us understand the role of our microbiome and the role of food to support this community we carry with us. Epigenetics is now also showing us that we are not simply a byproduct of our genetics and, instead, our environment (like food and exercise!) plays a huge role in triggering what illnesses we may or may not develop.

    But, what are Real Foods?  As explained in Real Food, Nina Planck writes, “First, real foods are old… These are foods we’ve been eating for a long time — in the case of meat, fish, and eggs, for millions of years.  Second, real foods are traditional.  To me traditional means ‘the way we used to eat them.’  That means different things for different ingredients: fruits and vegetables are the best when they’re local and seasonal; grains should be whole; fats and oils unrefined.”

    -Real beef is grassfed (not soybeans or corn) and aged properly.
    -Real milk is grass-fed, raw and unhomogenized, with the cream on top.
    -Real eggs come from hens that are free range — they eat grass, grubs and bugs — not “vegetarian”.
    -Real lard is never hydrogenated as industrial lard is.
    -Real olive oil is coldpressed, leaving vitamin E and antioxidants intact.
    -Real food is organic and free of pesticides.
    -Real food is not genetically modified. (Here is a great documentary for a crash course on GMO’s: GMOOMG)

    At the end of the day, you have to think of your body as complex system that you are taking care of.  You can’t oil your wheels with nail polish remover and expect to have a smooth ride.


    If someone asks me… What do you eat?  My answer is simple: foods that support my microbiome… organic (pesticide free), non GMO vegetables, meat (humanly raised chicken, pork, and grass-fed beef), pasture-raised eggs, nuts, fruit, some whole grains (rice and quinoa), and sheep or goat dairy (I personally avoid cow dairy because my body tells me I don’t process it well).

    I also fast every day from after dinner to lunch the following day.  Here are two good posts about some of the benefits of this intermittent fasting: here and here.

    Recommended Resources for Food and Food Information

    US Wellness Meats

    Butcher Box

    Green Med Info

    Marks Daily Apple


    Chris Kresser

    Dr. Kelly Brogan

  • 3.
    Detoxify Your Environment.

    Look around at your environment.  Do you know the ingredients of all the products you use in, on and around your body? Many would say no.  Unfortunately, though, we live in an environment steeped with chemicals.  Today, we are exposed to some 100,000 chemicals in our daily lives that are largely unstudied for human health.  In the latest report, scientists at the CDC found that nearly every person they tested was storing a host of noxious chemicals, including flame retardants stored in fatty tissue and Bisphenol A, a hormone-like substance found in plastics, excreted in urine.  Even the average newborn has 287 chemicals in her umbilical cord blood, 217 of which are neurotoxic.  This is a serious problem because we also know that exposure to toxins and subsequent toxic accumulation cause untold health problems, both immediate and long term. In addition, if you look at this problem from a spiritual perspective, you realize that once your body is exposed to the toxins, it will need to work twice as hard just to get rid of them, which can severely tax your spirit.  Toxins clog you up and slow you down, making it almost impossible for there to be a biological pathway for ascension into sustained higher states of consciousness.



    Continued Lack of Energy, Insomnia
    Overheating, Occurrence of Skin Issues
    Belly Fat, Congested Sinuses
    Regular Headaches, White or Yellow Tongue + Gallbladder Pain

    The idea of detoxification, cleansing, and balancing is new to many people today, but it is actually a very old concept. When you consider that most ancient treatments were really detoxification and cleansing procedures, it becomes obvious that detoxification has been practiced for a very long time.  While it is a very old practice, our detoxification needs and the reasons for them have considerably changed from those of ancient people.  While we have advanced in many other ways, we have many more and different exposures to toxins in our lives.  The “Chemical Revolution” that has occurred since World War II and ever increasing industrialization in all parts of the world have multiplied our exposures to harmful substances to incalculable levels.  Our bodies have been exposed to millions of new synthetic substances with no time for us to adapt.  While chemical exposures do come from a toxic waste spills and mass pesticide spraying, small scale exposures occur everyday contributing to a buildup of chemicals in our bodies. Because our bodies have had no previous experience with these chemicals, they have no efficient mechanism to metabolize or eliminate them. While industry and science have progressed us in some ways, we have paid a high price for it.  Our air is no longer clean; the soil is contaminated; our water supply contains high levels of toxic chemicals; everyday products we use contain known carcinogens.  In addition to the toxic soup we swim in, we have also lost the realization of the necessity for detoxification and balancing. The good news is, I believe, we are on the edge of a collective “waking up” and many are beginning to understand what’s really to gain from detoxification and the larger implications of a toxin free life.

    So where do you start?  First, don’t be overwhelmed.  Just start by recognizing it’s worth it to be mindful of your environment;  everything you consume begs for attention because this provides you with an opportunity for choice in your life, which is ultimately an empowering blessing.   If you are looking to reach a new level a spiritual enlightenment, it would behoove you to take your power back on every level.  This means taking a pause before you put anything in your mouth or put anything on or around your body.  Mindfulness doesn’t have to be something you just practice on the meditation cushion or yoga mat.

    It’s time for you to reconnect with your inner compass so you can ask yourself, is this what my body, mind and soul want in order for me actualize into my best self?  

    Check out Here, Here and Here; they are great resources to educate yourself on known environmental toxins.

  • 4.
    Meditate Everyday.

    While I realize meditation may be a hard one to get into… the benefits of a regular practice are boundless.  See this article in Psychology Today which outlines the many scientific benefits of meditating, citing everything from increased immune and brain function, memory, productivity and compassion.  Studies also show it to decreases depression and anxiety.  I had been reading articles like this for years, listening to people boast how meditation made them calmer and less stressed… but I now know that those claims are really just the tip of the iceberg.  What people don’t tell you, which can’t even really be described with words, is something that can only be understood through experience.  Is that claim just a ploy to get you to meditate?  No!  Try it… you will see.



    What Type of Meditation is Right for You?

    Buddhist Meditation

    One common way is just to sit, be as present as possible, try to witness thoughts, and change the mind channel as thoughts arise. For example, you can see the thought then say, “Why am I thinking that?” and then let the thought go.  In this form of meditation you also focus on your breathing.  Pema Chodron is a wonderful teacher of this type of meditation.  If you are one of the many people who have quit meditating frustrated that you can’t “clear your mind” I have some good news.  Nobody needs you do this.  Asking you to “clear your mind” is like asking you to use a dixie cup to remove all the water from the ocean. Of course you would stop after a few scoops and the good news is, you don’t need to think about it like this in order to successfully meditate.  Instead, consider meditation as a practice with the end goal being more about developing your mind muscle and strengthening your ability to observe.

    Guided Meditation
    This type of meditation involves being guided through a fantastic experience, like through space or to a desert island.  There are many great guided meditations on iTunes.

    Transcendental Meditation
    Yet another type of meditation is TM where you repeat a chant over and over until you are in a state of mental melting.  The chant is given to you if you join the organization.

    Musical Meditations
    Sometimes people just drift into another brain wave thanks to the aide of nature sounds or chanting.  Examples of this meditation music can be found all over YouTube, Pandora or Spotify.

    My Recommendation
    If you have never meditated, I would recommend you start with a guided meditation or sit with meditation music to first learn how to relax and be in the moment.  Start with 3 minutes every morning and add one minute every week.  During the meditation you will be witnessing your mind wander.  “Watch” your thoughts and then attempt to release them, like popping a balloon or flipping to another station.  It is helpful to return back to your breath in order to get your mind off the chatter and be in the moment.   I also highly recommend that you become familiar with your chakras.  I personally guide myself through a meditation every morning where I ground myself in the earth and then take the energy up through my chakras, opening each one.  I find this meditation to be very elevating, and it leaves me with a deep sense of calm. It is both grounding and elevating to see the day ahead more like a red carpet as opposed to a mountain to climb.

    Recommended Resource
    Mindfulness, A practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World book (it comes with a CD of guided meditations)
    10 Best Guided Meditations

  • 5.
    Face Your Fears.


    This step is about integration.  It is about seeing all sides of your self with love and kindness.  It is about recognizing that in order to go back to a sense of wholeness we must embrace our fractured selves and turn towards our darker sides. We must boldly look at our shadow in order to begin to heal.  We also learn here that we can be this and that, and it is not a contradiction that we are many different versions of one Self.  The key is to bring all of our sides to the surface so we can authentically hold and accept them all.

    The way I see it, we each have a HIGHER SELF (AKA our soul), a CONSCIOUS SELF and a SUBCONSCIOUS self.  Our HIGHER SELF knows exactly what is best for us, at all times.  Our higher self is like an internal motherly voice that knows us, in many ways, better than we know ourselves.  Our higher self has an awareness of who we were before we were born and knows what our purpose is in this here and now.  We don’t always hear our higher self or listen to her thoughts but when we do, we will always be led on our right path.  Our higher self is also sometimes referred to as our inner compass or our intuition.  Meditation is a great way to connect to our higher self.  Our CONSCIOUS SELF is the part of us that we would recognize as ourself; it is who we think we are.  If someone asked you what you think of something, it would be your conscious self that would answer.  For example, if your best friend asked you how a speech you gave went, your conscious self would tell your friend that you were really nervous because you hate talking in front of a group and you sweat through your shirt.  You would then tell her that the whole thing was really stressful and it’s simple: you just hate public speaking. That’s who you think you are and that’s who you have seemingly always been.

    Our SUBCONSCIOUS SELF is a part of our consciousness that we are unaware of.  It is the part of us that gets triggered or stressed by situations, and we are not always clear why.  Our subconscious self is either formed from beliefs that we have developed from our childhood or past lives, or it could be passed down in our DNA. (One study out of Emory University shows how fears can be inherited.)  Some people also believe that our subconscious can be from the Soul level, too.  No matter where the subconscious beliefs originate, they are often dictating our lives, unbeknownst to us.  Unfortunately these “secret” beliefs often drive our behavior and manifest as fear.  For example,  if you had a subconscious belief that you are not supposed to speak up and be a leader, because if you do something harmful will happen to you, then naturally public speaking will be torture.  The idea that public speaking is dangerous is not just who you are, it’s a subconscious belief.  Perhaps this belief took hold when you were a kid and your parents would make fun of the President during his public addresses, and it became imprinted in your mind that if you speak up you will be open to ridicule too.  Perhaps, in a past life you were shot giving a speech; that would surely leave an impression affecting you in this incarnation.  We don’t always know where subconscious beliefs come from, but once identified we realize they are not part of us.  Instead, they are blocks in our energy flow.  Fear physically and spiritually tightens us, causing all kinds of physical and emotional damage.  The good news is, we are not our subconscious, and we have the power to be liberated from those programs.  I don’t necessarily think that we can eliminate our subconscious fears, but through illumination we can discharge them.

    While it is possible to try and identify your subconscious beliefs on your own, it is often easier to work with someone to help with unblocking. I recommend a Spiritual Healer or Shaman. The ThetaHealing and Reiki work that I do, specifically assists people in identifying subconscious programs.  Programs and beliefs in the client’s highest and best are then replaced to assist the client in forging a new path forward.  Please see SERVICES on this website for further information.

  • 6.
    Teach Your Mind.

    This step is about understanding that you are not disconnected from anything, and everything is ONE.  This step is more or less an intellectual understanding, but I also believe that once you start to truly love yourself and unlock your subconscious beliefs you will start to remember this Truth and use it to your advantage.  Knowing that you are the ocean in one drop will become a feeling beyond just an idea.  No matter what we call it… the Universe, Source, Creator, or God… it is all the same, and we are connected to that unified force.  We live in a world of matter, where everything appears solid, so you may be wondering why I would suggest that you are a part of everything, everyone, and even a part of God.  I am saying this because (even if it feels strange to you now) the science shows us that if we examine the atoms of supposedly solid objects microscopically, we’ll find they’re mostly empty space. If you think about it, if space is empty, then what follows is ‘there really isn’t a point where I end and you begin’.


    Quantum Physicists tell us that everything is the Universe is energy, vibrating at different frequencies.  Ice, for example, is at a different frequency when it becomes water (when the particles speed up with exposure to heat). Water only feels less solid than ice.  If the particles speed up even further, they become vapor.  We feel humidity in the air, but we can’t see it. Radio waves are similar: we use cell phones to help us pick up fast moving frequencies we can’t hear without a device to help us pick up those signals. Since we can’t see these waves, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Because we are physical beings, our beliefs tend to come from our 5 physical senses.  Many people think that if they cannot hear something, feel something, taste something, smell something, or touch something, then it is not real.  In many ways, it is only natural for our brains to make these conclusions without processing all of the evidence available to us. Science shows us, though, that there is a whole world we are unable to see, and, within that world, we are all connected through space and waves of energy.

    I would even suggest that for the same reason we perceive that particles disappear when they speed up (like ice into vapor), many of us believe our deceased loved ones are not among us.  They literally no longer appear before us, so we reason that they must not exist.  However, I believe that, just as with ice, their energy has sped up and they are simply taking on a different form.  We use mediums, just like a cell phone picking up radio waves, in order to “tune into” their new frequencies.

    Through my journey I have come to intimately know what it means to feel a sensation of oneness beyond just understanding that I am connected to my fellow humans, animals and plants.  To me, it also means that in shadow there is light, in suffering there is joy, in pain there is gratitude, in up there is down, and in wrong there is right.  One of the highest aims of man in spiritual traditions of the East is embodying the idea ‘Be in truth eternal, beyond earthly opposites!’ as Krishna advised in the Hindu Bible, the Bhagavad Gita. The same advice is given to the followers of Buddhism; D T Suzuki writes, “The fundamental idea of Buddhism is to pass beyond the world of opposites, a world built up by intellectual distinctions and emotional defilements, and to realize the spiritual world of non-distinction, which involves achieving an absolute point of view.”  Christianity cannot be left out, though, for it also teaches this concept.  While the Bible tells us one story of Jesus, other gospels have been found and translated which have led many people to wonder if there is more to Jesus’s message than originally thought. In one gospel, it was written that Jesus himself said “The kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you… There is nothing hidden which will not become manifest.” (As recorded by Didymos Judas Thomas from the Nag Hammadi library.) As you can see, many different traditions have this idea that we are everything and there is no duality. It is all one, and we are one.

    While you might start to understand these concepts with your mind, my hope is that eventually you will start to feel the feeling of oneness as well, even if for a moment. Everything on this philosophy page is aimed at helping you raise your frequency and tune in to that sensation.  Ultimately, you are creating a perfect vessel with your body so you can live in a frequency of love here on earth.  Toxic foods, mindlessness engaging in our modern day world, and subconscious fears will lower your frequency.  Healing foods, exercise, and meditation will open you up and keep you in a space where you will have access to high frequencies.  As Marianne Williamson says, “God’s love is the electricity, but we must be the lamps.”

    (Photo credit:

  • 7.
    Let Your Heart Teach You.



    This is the last step because, really, nothing needs to be done once you have made it to this point.  At this point you will just need to listen to your heart because your heart will, likely for the first time in your life, be truly full. It is from here that you will be naturally radiant and radiate love.  Giving love to others will also happen with little thought; it will not be calculated or feel forced the way it might have felt in the past.  You will find yourself smiling at people more often and people will say that you light up a room.  You’ll be that person! You will not have to think about loving yourself or others because it will just be a part of your being.

    The Universe will start to work in your favor and things will just start to fall into place.  When things go ‘wrong’ you will not be as likely to question them.  You will know that everything happens for a reason and if you missed the train, well, there was a reason for that too.  We won’t always know the reason but I like to try and guess sometimes.  For example, if I miss a train, I think about the person I will sit next to on the next train. Maybe they needed my smile that day because they were going through a break up.  I often think about that one time I accidentally booked myself at the wrong hotel; I ended up taking a 20 minute taxi ride in the wrong direction to get to the right hotel. Initially, I was frustrated and annoyed, then it dawned on me that maybe the taxi driver needed the fare.  In that case, my inconvenience felt purposeful because I was helping out my fellow man.  I knew that my inconvenience was for the greater whole because after all, that cab driver is connected to me. We are here in this life to support each other because we are all just like the cells of one big organism.


    I try to think of myself now as one of God(dess)’s angels; I am giving to everyone all day just as much as I am receiving, simply by being.  Trust me, I know this sounds hard!  The truth is I am not always capable of this perspective, but when I am being proactive about “filling up my heart” with exercise, healthy eating, meditation, and addressing my fears, a heart centered approach happens naturally.  That’s the idea!  If you do the practice you won’t have to convince yourself to be a more loving person, you just will be.

Get Ready for Your New Super Powers

As you move into the high vibration of the Love Frequency, you might have a meaningful desire and your wish will be granted, sometimes within minutes.  I am not kidding.  I have witnessed this over and over again.  For example, maybe you have a thought like, “Oh, I wish I had more time to talk to Joe at that party Friday night.” Then, what do you know, you bump into Joe at the coffee shop hours later.  How Joe shows up is anyone’s guess, but even fleeting thoughts will come true.  This actually happened to me except Joe was Penelope.  The point is, when you are living in a frequency where you are able to co-create with Source energy, anything is possible!  You are one with a unified field and, in connecting to that field, you have more energy. Love is energy and energy is power.

Get ready for the magic of owning your seat front and center at the most intense mystery theater performance ever; it’s called Your Life.  I assure you, you’ll be glad you made the effort to show up in a different way.  And if you’re anything like me, you’ll wonder how you ever lived life before. You’ll be totally befuddled as to why more people aren’t always talking about the power of this frequency once you taste the sweetness of it’s offerings. You’ve heard people talk about the power of love all of your life, and it’s about time you understand what being in love really means…