I am excited to announce my A GUIDED SOUL relaunch! Basically, what this means is that I will be sharing more. I have always been more of a “behind the scenes” kinda person but it’s time to move through the uncomfortable feelings that come with exposure. 

I left my full time job as a talent agent in NYC a year and a half ago to explore other avenues. In many ways I loved that job, but eventually I felt like I was wearing an outfit that no longer fit. Leaving a seventeen year career in the fashion industry scared the bejeezus out of me, but with the mantra, the Universe will always reward the brave, I took the plunge.

The past five years have been a total trip. I have been astounded by the heartfelt connections, transformations and Spirit insights, especially at a time when the world is moving through so much. Some powerful feedback has made it clear that offering healings and readings is 100% absolutely the easiest way for me to love myself and others. (And, that’s how I have come to measure success.) Every time I am with a client, I feel like a miracle is occurring. Without fail, we connect deeply and together we find hope amid the ashes.  

As a healer, and channel of spirit, I feel strongly that I am of no use to anyone unless I prioritize my own healing and practice what I preach. With that in mind, I recently gazed into the mirror and wondered if I had outgrown the version of me that wanted to stay behind the curtain. Wouldn’t the best way for me to serve myself (and others) be to expand my reach? It may feel more comfortable to keep things as they are, but doesn’t the Universe always reward the brave? Aren’t we here to reflect to each other possibilities by venturing into the unknown? My “eeks!” soon became a “yay!” as I envisioned what was ahead.

If you get really quiet you can hear two voices within you; your inner child (who needs your love) and a future you. This  future you is your greatest expression, and she (or he) is beckoning you to step forward.  Are we ready to become? What is stopping you?  What if I told you that you are a guided soul?

You are. I am.

Three, two, one… RELAUNCH!  (More coming soon!)




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