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The ultimate goal of a healing is so that you remember and realize your essential nature. In a session we will deprogram the conditioned mind from beliefs and imprints that are not serving your highest so you can align with your true nature.  Your true essence is consciousness and in that state of unbiased awareness, you are formless and timeless; YOU ARE THE DIVINE. YOU ARE LOVE.

It is very common for people to carry fear programming in their DNA, from past lives and from early childhood experiences.  As easily as those ideas or traumas imprinted you, they have the potential to be removed. These programs keep you in a state of fear, which leads to stress. When these programs are removed you will not be in a constant state of stress; when you are not in a state of stress, your quality of life and health will improve.

Healing Fees 

  • Optional 15 min phone call to understand about the process: FREE
  • Introductory session discounted:$255. $505. (approx. 2 hours)
  • Follow up sessions are only available as a 3 – 6 month INTENSIVE: $6,000. – $12,000. Scroll down for more information on the intensive below.
*If you are a client already please contact Tahra directly to discuss if the Intensive is right for you.



During a reading, Tahra will get “out of the way” and hold space as a medium for a your deceased loved ones to guide the session, leaving it up to the spirits to guide and provide information that will be most beneficial to your life right now and what messages will provide you lasting reassurance that you are loved, and are surrounded by guides.  This reading is for people who are comfortable hearing from deceased loved ones.   The spirits will offer needed assistance to help recalibrate your path forward reflecting back only what’s inside you.  They also provide often needed healing around ancestral trauma and destructive patterns.  It is not guaranteed which loved ones will come through. Readings are sacred and held with the utmost reverence for the energies. The first 30 mins is spirit lead information including evidence that consciousness lives on and the last 30mins is reserved for questions.

Spirit Reading Fee

$177. for 1 hour on ZOOM  (in person fees are higher)





Ready for major change? Need someone in your corner as you jumpstart a new phase of your life?  Or perhaps you have been on the path, but are ready to up-level? If so, this package is for you.

What you receive in this sacred container (example 3 months): 

5 healings with Tahra (2 hours each), 1 mediumship reading, 1 closing ritual, unlimited voxers (response time 24 hours), a remote prayer, dream interpretations over e-mail and a special blessing everyday of the 3 months.  Plus, of course, endless love.

Topics covered in this special time together, where unconscious and conscious beliefs are addressed and restructured:







With this intensive you will notice major shifts in mindset around the key issues in your life which will be reflected in your outer world as real change – perhaps your body changes, health improves or you increase your salary – opportunities will come up in your reality that wouldn’t otherwise happen thanks to the change in beliefs, you will start to see synchronization and signs, you will feel more content and clear in everyday life, you will feel more empowered, you will feel more equipped to have tough conversations and advocate for yourself, phobias/fears will either go away or reduce significantly, you will get insights on your shadow side, your family history, including childhood, ancestors and past lives that will liberate you from self sabotage. 

This package is for people who are ready and willing to commit to growth.  

 Intensive Fees 

3 – 6 month INTENSIVE: $6,000. – $12,000.



Thanks to a life-altering SPIRITUAL AWAKENING in early 2015 I was immediately attracted to healing and intuitive work to foster my new perspective.  In December 2018, I ended a seventeen year career in the fashion industry, thirteen of which I was a Senior Agent /Manager for internationally renowned talent at Art + Commerce agency (A Company owned by WME/IMG) in New York City.

I feel passionate about healing. I feel I was called to leave the corporate world to share that we have the power to heal ourselves.  Given that I have extensive experience guiding people in business, and developing careers, I have something unique to offer as a healer and spiritual guide.  I am able to provide a spiritual perspective from a place of true understanding, incorporating a balance of both masculine and feminine energy.

In six years, I have studied, am certified in and practice ThetaHealing and I am a Reiki Master, and see clients at my home or over ZOOM. I have also studied Qi Gong with Master Mingtong Gu. Under the guidance of South African Medium Lee Van Zyle, and I refined my intuition and mediumship skills with over 200 hours of practice, making it possible for me to confidently share my gifts with others. I have also studied under Danielle Mackinnon completing an Advanced Soul-Level Animal Communication course where I dove deep into the energetics of animals as well. I also attended two DOULA trainings through Bini Birth Training as part of an ongoing DONA International certification.

While all of my courses have been illuminating, I have gained most of my sacred wisdom from silent retreats, meditation practice and plant medicines.  Most recently I attended silent a retreat with my favorite Zen Buddhist teacher, Adyashanti. As a curious student of religion, I have attended services in many houses of worship. While I see the shadow side of these traditions, my healing work also comes from a place of understanding and reverence for Christianity, Judaism, Kabbalah, Islam, Sufism, Hinduism, Yoga, and Zen Buddhism.

I am a native East Coaster but have found another beloved home on the West Coast in California where you will find me either rollerblading at the beach or watering the passion fruit in my backyard.

I spend most of my time in self exploration, learning new healing modalities, traveling, reading and soaking in new ways of living with unity consciousness to help myself and others navigate this bananas experience we call Life.

And… Thank goodness we don’t have to do this alone!


Still like, “WHA?”

E-mail me or SET UP A FREE 15min CALL

Let’s chat about it! 


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What people are saying...

Tahra is truly gifted. She did both a Spirit Reading and a Healing session and I left both feeling changed on a cellular level. As someone who would’ve been extremely skeptical of such things, I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that Tahra has a unique ability to connect both in this realm and in those beyond. She relayed incredibly specific information from a very dear loved one that she would’ve had no way of intellectually knowing, and in doing so, provided me with a sense of peace and profound acceptance unlike anything I’d felt before. I was able to feel a lasting reverence towards the spirit she was a conduit for in the moment and I was also able to carry the messages and insights she relayed forward into my everyday life in meaningful ways. Aside from her undeniable ability to connect with spirits, she has such a kind, vulnerable presence that naturally evokes true introspection and self-inquiry. She so gently held up a mirror that allowed me to see the fragmented parts of myself. I can say with real clarity that Tahra was instrumental in jump-starting a new phase of my own healing process, and that her open, generous heart will inspire you to look deep within your own.


– A. Abell

Tahra’s theta healing is one of the most mind blowing experiences I have ever had. Her unique gifts allow her to see beyond this physical world, helping you to shed light on your deepest limiting beliefs while eliminating them from your story. Her compassion and love is felt deeply throughout the session that it provides a sacred and safe container for sharing. I have felt and noticed huge paradigm shifts from just one session with her and am forever grateful for her services.

– M. Slaven

Tahra and I met more than 15 years ago and we had not had contact for the last 12 years. Then as if by magic (the Universe doing what it does) we got in contact. I had just been diagnosed with rare form of Cancer. Under the circumstances I thought I was doing okay both mentally and physically. But I was soon to discover that with Tahra’s Theta healing I was about to feel amazing! We did the sessions via face time as I am based in London. I felt totally at ease discussing my issues with her, it was like we had only spoken last week. Her calm and caring manner made me feel relaxed and safe. We unlocked fears that were holding me back from moving on with my life. My life has been turned upside down but I choose to take the positives from this, along with my new sense of not fearing what the future holds. I look forward to the journey ahead, and with the healing I gained from Tahra it’s going to be one hell of a journey!

– Asa Scott

I had a chance to have a reading with Tahra and I was extremely pleased with it. The information she gave me was so accurate it was mind blowing. Tahra is an extremely talented medium. She is very kind, attentive and answers all the questions you have during the session. She knows how to make you feel comfortable while you embark on the mystical journey with her. I can only highly recommend her. Thank you Tahra, this reading was very special for me so thank you. XOXO

– Virginie Sourou

Tahra gave me a reading two days ago and I am processing that I was in the presence of my passed relatives. I wanted to share just one of the many “whoa” moments.  One bit of information came from my (deceased) grandfather. It was a name, and he was apparently very emphatic with Tahra that it was an establishment near where my mother had grown up.  I sensed it was a sign of validation: to show that it was indeed he who was speaking and that the wisdom he wanted to communicate was real.  So the next day, I texted my mother, “This may sound random, but was their an establishment with ‘Neil’ or ‘Neal’ in its name near where you grew up?” She wrote back immediately that it was part of the name of a funeral home.  Turns out that my grandfather as a minister would speak frequently of the integrity of this one funeral home and the respect it showed its clients. Furthermore, it was the very funeral home that took care of my grandfather’s remains upon his passing. It held enormous significance to my mother, and reflective of my grandfather himself.  I was deeply moved as what I initially thought was a throw-away comment turned out to be a very significant tool of validation that my grandfather was speaking to me.   She is truly gifted and is so humble about it.  I feel very blessed.

– Whitney B.

So there I was allowing Tahra to tap into my energy. The session lasted about 45 minutes I didn’t feel anything particular afterwards but a sort of giddy exhilaration but then as I settled, I felt a definite lump in my throat. It felt unmoveable and when I told Tahra she knew that she had to work on me again. On my part I knew that I needed another hit of whatever it was she had given me. The next time was in her apartment, as we sat together the gates flew open as she worked on me, I felt my father’s presence who had passed away, his favourite song came randomly on, and there was a definite shift in my being. I literally felt free, “topped up” is the word I use, as I left, I needed a taxi, there was one waiting, she told me about flowers being a healing element, I come out of an unknown subway and there I was buying flowers in a garden shop, I am literally creating my reality and I knew it – this continued for a while, this flow.  Tahra loves, truly loves and cares about every aspect of her work and life and that is where you can never go wrong.

– S. Kumar

I had the great fortune to receive a Theta Healing from Tahra. Tahra guided me through a lovely, compassionate, peaceful process that allowed me to feel completely safe to expose and release patterns, fears and self-judgement.  The session made me feel a renewed sense of peace, hope and inspiration, but, I was surprised the most that through her facilitation, I was able to acknowledge something I have never realized before.  Her gentle, non-judging, compassionate demeanor gave me to confidence to expose my deepest fears and her guidance helped me acknowledge my own gifts and creativity at a whole new level.  I am grateful beyond words.

– Becky Arthur

Tahra! I’ve been excited to work with you again since the moment we hung up the phone last time!! You reallly fixed up a lot of my moving parts, it’s incredibly profound how much different I’m feeling, like deeply deeply moved! I loved our session SO much I literally think my actual molecules changed! My eyes look more open! Like slanting UPwards! It’s incredible… you’re like actually making me prettier with your one in a lifetime mind powers. I pinch myself when I think about how lucky I am to have come into your life, you’re without a doubt not fully human, you’re definitely mostly angel. And I’m unable to even articulate how profoundly you’ve already changed my life! I’ve never had anyone care as much as you. You’ve changed my whole life within less than 12 months. Thank you!

– P. Marks

I love working with Tahra. She has a very gentle and loving presence and I find my sessions to be very spiritual. She has helped me to identify and release old conversations I didn’t know were influencing current situations. Following my sessions with Tahra I feel calm and have lasting confidence around the area we focused on in our session. I highly recommend Tahra if you are feeling stuck and you are looking for a way to break through and forge a new path in your life.

– J. Ciaola

Words can’t describe my gratitude for the healing energy, support and love i got through the intensive with Tahra and there is no monetary value that can compensate the impact.
I have learned to express my expectations without fear and wake up to the truths of my power. Our work has also transformed my family dynamics positively by having honest conversations. At work i learned about co-creating with the universe, and progress doesn’t have to always come with extreme hard work. My health and well-being improved significantly and i am living a much more balanced life than I was before. During our reading session, Tahra was able to channel three family members who passed away – some of them recently. The husband of my cousin, who died in a terrible accident joined us and shared his blessing for a very tough decision my cousin was struggling to make.

– T. Y.

Tahra is a gift to this world! I had the pleasure and privilege to receive both a medium reading and healing sessions with Tahra. The medium reading was truly eye-opening. My first healing session was unlike anything I had ever done before. It completely opened me up to new ideas and possibilities – and changed the trajectory of my life! I signed up for the longer healing session program and I cannot express how grateful I am to myself and to Tahra for the work that we did. I am a different person because of this. Tahra is not only incredibly intuitive, but extremely kind-hearted, patient, and funny – you will see your best self through her reflection.

– Katharine

Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.

-Ernest Holme (1887-1960, founder of Science of Mind)