You and I, together, have the power to change your life.

You know better, but you somehow still find yourself in the same rut. You keep dating the wrong people, or taking the wrong job.  You can’t sleep or have a chronic pain and nothing seems to work. You aren’t living the life of your dreams.

Okay, so, I must ask you this… Do you know what is stopping you?  I am sure on some level you know that YOU are stopping you, but you still don’t know how to change because your circumstances all create serious road blocks… friends, family, time, finances, disability, and illness all appear to be good reasons why you are held back but what if they are not?  What if I told you that those perceived limitations only have a hold on you because you believe they do?

You and I, together, have the power to change your beliefs.

We carry fear programming in our DNA, from past lives and from early childhood experiences.  As easily as those ideas or traumas imprinted you, they can be removed.  To make it a little easier to grasp, eliminate the “perception” of everything you see as being solid and do your best to see it ALL existing as a continuously vibrating mass of energy.  If you read up on Quantum physics,  that’s when you’ll begin to comprehend and see that all things, including you, me, and everybody as well as everything else, is nothing more than a vibrating mass of pure energy that is intricately interconnected to everything else.  On the quantum level there are no limitations of space and time. Watch HERE for more on Quantum Physics and see how science supports the validity of energetic healings. The ability for scientists to observe and validate ancient spiritual teachings in a physical sense, has only been around for 90 years.  What Quantum technology is able to prove now in a “tangible” and physical kind of way indigenous peoples, sages, mystics and masters of the past have spoken of for thousands of years.

We are living in a unique and thrilling time; for the first time in history science is showing us how and why energetic healings are possible.

Tahra looks for signs and patterns in your life like markers to identify what is most needed for you.  Our lives are full of information and nothing is random.  We often need an awake, conscious guide, like Tahra to help us see ourselves.  Tahra will go into a meditative state and work with higher energetic vibrations to clear out blocks, change beliefs, open chakras and say blessings. While Tahra is in a meditative state, she will often receive intuitive information about the client to help navigate that person’s life path.  

Tahra is certified in ThetaHealing, and is a Reiki Master healer.

Benefits of Spiritual Guidance with energetic ThetaHealing and Reiki:

-helps unblock suppressed feelings and beliefs
-promotes feelings of calmness and wellbeing
-relieves stress and relaxes the mind
-encourages emotional release
-soothes emotional distress
-promotes peaceful and positive outlook

-eases aches and pains of all types
-relaxes muscles and tension
-relieves fatigue
-strengthens natural self-healing processes
-promotes sleep and balances energy
-increases energy
-clears toxins

Healing Fees**
15 min phone call to understand process and healing session: FREE
Introductory session: $200 (approx. 1.5 – 2 hours)
Follow up sessions: $150 for 1.5 hours (session usually 1.5 – 2 hours)

**DISCOUNTS available if you have financial need. Please e-mail to discuss:


I (Tahra!) strongly believe that our consciousness lives on even after our bodies expire.  Our energy remains intact like the elements of water after they transform into steam. Take some time to experience what it feels like to connect to loved ones who have passed on. Feel the sensation of these energies present with you and guiding you.  I will give you evidence that these souls are still a part of your life, they remember your time together and have important messages to share.  It is truly an honor to have this gift and to share this with my clients.  These readings are sacred and held with the utmost respect.

Spirit Reading Fee

$20/min. for readings starting at 20 mins.


What people are saying...

Tahra! I’ve been excited to work with you again since the moment we hung up the phone last time!! You reallly fixed up a lot of my moving parts, it’s incredibly profound how much different I’m feeling, like deeply deeply moved! I loved our session SO much I literally think my actual molecules changed! My eyes look more open! Like slanting UPwards! It’s incredible… you’re like actually making me prettier with your one in a lifetime mind powers.
I pinch myself when I think about how lucky I am to have come into your life, you’re without a doubt not fully human, you’re definitely mostly angel. And I’m unable to even articulate how profoundly you’ve already changed my life! I’ve never had anyone care as much as you.
You’ve changed my whole life within less than 12 months. Thank you!

– P. Marks

Tahra has not only been a friend for years but has been an extremely caring healer as well. I particularly remember that we had one session around my tendency of collecting and keeping all kinds of “stuff” that was just cluttering up my life and office. Looking at these items and the mess it has created has caused me stress on a regular basis. Tahra was able to facilitate me to realize the underlying issues of my “disorganized” office and life. This was a couple of years ago and since then both my office and my life got cleaned up and I am able to pursue a life long dream while still maintaining and being successful in my full time job as a professor. In addition, while I have used and mastered other healing modalities Theta Healing proved to be an excellent addition to my other self-healing work. When Tahra used her truly amazing ability in clearing my blocks, such as “being allowed to finally shine” I went on to win a championship that I have not been able to win for years. The healing I experienced has put it’s “winning” stamp on more than just my athletic life. It allowed me to continue to shine and I have not stopped doing so. Thank you so much Tahra for your skillful and knowledgeable guidance. Not only that you truly love your calling and your clients but you are also a “one of a kind” healer!

– Dr. Klara Gubacs-Collins

Tahra and I met more than 15 years ago and we had not had contact for the last 12 years. Then as if by magic (the Universe doing what it does) we got in contact. I had just been diagnosed with rare form of Cancer. Under the circumstances I thought I was doing okay both mentally and physically. But I was soon to discover that with Tahra’s Theta healing I was about to feel amazing! We did the sessions via face time as I am based in London. I felt totally at ease discussing my issues with her, it was like we had only spoken last week. Her calm and caring manner made me feel relaxed and safe. We unlocked fears that were holding me back from moving on with my life. My life has been turned upside down but I choose to take the positives from this, along with my new sense of not fearing what the future holds. I look forward to the journey ahead, and with the healing I gained from Tahra it’s going to be one hell of a journey!

– Asa Scott

I love working with Tahra. She has a very gentle and loving presence and I find my sessions to be very spiritual. She has helped me to identify and release old conversations I didn’t know were influencing current situations. Following my sessions with Tahra I feel calm and have lasting confidence around the area we focused on in our session. I highly recommend Tahra if you are feeling stuck and you are looking for a way to break through and forge a new path in your life.

– J. Caiola

Tahra and I have known and liked each other for years as we have a deal mutual friend. She in no way knows intimate details about my life, however. As she recently moved to LA, where I also live, we have had a chance to hang out more. She was very generous and articulate speaking about her gifts and how she has worked to hone them. Her spirit was so warm and inviting, and I was so curious, I suggested she give me a reading that afternoon. She agreed, and after lunch we went to her sunny verdant back yard and relaxed on the sofa. What happened next was deeply transformative and affirming. Tahra went into her meditative receptive state and relayed the messages from my deceased loved ones. The details were incontrovertible. The messages they had for me were so deeply needed in that moment. As I think the universe conspires to bring people into one’s life at the moment one needs them, I am deeply grateful for Tahra’s coming into mine, not just as a healer and intuitive, but as a consummately real and generous being.

– W. Burrel

So there I was allowing Tahra to tap into my energy. The session lasted about 45 minutes I didn’t feel anything particular afterwards but a sort of giddy exhilaration but then as I settled, I felt a definite lump in my throat. It felt unmoveable and when I told Tahra she knew that she had to work on me again. On my part I knew that I needed another hit of whatever it was she had given me. The next time was in her apartment, as we sat together the gates flew open as she worked on me, I felt my father’s presence who had passed away, his favourite song came randomly on, and there was a definite shift in my being. I literally felt free, “topped up” is the word I use, as I left, I needed a taxi, there was one waiting, she told me about flowers being a healing element, I come out of an unknown subway and there I was buying flowers in a garden shop, I am literally creating my reality and I knew it – this continued for a while, this flow.  Tahra loves, truly loves and cares about every aspect of her work and life and that is where you can never go wrong.

– S. Kumar

I had the great fortune to receive a Theta Healing from Tahra. Tahra guided me through a lovely, compassionate, peaceful process that allowed me to feel completely safe to expose and release patterns, fears and self-judgement.  The session made me feel a renewed sense of peace, hope and inspiration, but, I was surprised the most that through her facilitation, I was able to acknowledge something I have never realized before.  Her gentle, non-judging, compassionate demeanor gave me to confidence to expose my deepest fears and her guidance helped me acknowledge my own gifts and creativity at a whole new level.  I am grateful beyond words.

– Becky Arthur

Life is a mirror and will reflect back to
the thinker what he thinks into it.

-Ernest Holme (1887-1960, founder of Science of Mind)